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Gina Nayibth Leon V

I was born December 26, 2000;

I considered a good person,and;


My family

my family is very united, we are very happy and we

always give support and we have lived cute moment

My Mother

My mother is : Cristina Vidal Silva is a very lovely

She is 42 years old, is a housewife, she likes to cook

She always supports me and it a love and wants me

My Father

He is my father model is called Libardo Vidal. He has

80 years old. He working in the countryside as a farmer

My Sister

My sister's name is: Brigitte J. Leon Vidal

She is 21 year old and she is very pleasant

my pet

My pet is:Guardian he is extroverted ,likes naughty

bark a lot is a bit tiresome but it I love her so much

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What I like to do

share with my friends as go out with them and annoy

eaten out, danced ,played,live each moment with them

My Friends

My friends are:Alejandro Velez and Xiomara Penagos

they are great friends and I love them are the best


these are some of my school

friends are very funny and cheerful


I want to study at university Uniagustiniana

Business International

I am studying what I've always liked


I work in about 6 years and earning a lot of money

City Bogota

study when you leave I will go to Bogota to live


we are isidoristas of heart, this school has been like our second home


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